Massage Gun

Muscle Relaxation

Let your muscles relax and recover faster than ever with the Sinji Massage Gun! Whatever sport you practice: the device offers you professional, therapeutic relaxation for your muscles so that you are ready to train hard again.


3 Headers Included

The Sinji Massage Gun can be used all over the body. The 3 headers that come with it make it even easier to really address certain body parts:

Small Ball – for relaxation
U shape – especially for the back
Small Flat – suitable for everything


The Sinji Massage Gun can be operated via the touchscreen. There you can adjust the strength, see how full the battery is and switch the device on / off.


Type of massage: Vibration massage | Knock massage
Suitable for body part: Arms | Legs Buttocks | Chest | Upper arm Upper back | Belly | Decollete Thighs Shoulders | Elbow | Calf | Body | Neck | Lower back | Back
Product material: ABS
Product color: Gray, Black
Positions and frequency: Position 1 10Hz, 1600 / min
Position 2 20Hz, 2100 / min
Level 3 30Hz, 2600 / min,
Power: 40W maximum
Massage attachments: 3 pieces
Battery capacity: 2000 mah / 7.4 v
Charging method: micro USB (cable included)
Charging time: 3 hours
Operating time: 2-5 hours
Product weight: 410g
Product size: 19.5 x 18.5 x 4.5 cm